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D.2.1 Header

An SPV file begins with an 39-byte header:

Header ⇒
    01 00
    (i1 | i3)[version]
    01 (00 | 01) byte*21 00 00
    int[table-id] byte*4

version is a version number that affects the interpretation of some of the other data in the member. We will refer to “version 1” and “version 3” later on and use v1(…) and v3(…) for version-specific formatting (as described previously).

table-id is a binary version of the tableId attribute in the structure member that refers to the detail member. For example, if tableId is -4154297861994971133, then table-id would be 0xdca00003.

The meaning of the other variable parts of the header is not known.