Paper Submitted

Fri Oct 11th, 2002 23:18:01 PDT

Diary Entry 114
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The camera-ready version of my research group's paper for OSDI 2002, the USENIX Operating Systems Design and Implementation conference, was submitted yesterday about noon.

It's been 5 months since we submitted a draft, and we've spent a lot of that time refining it. We've rewritten most of the software involved and redone all of the experiments. The paper itself has been almost entirely rewritten, too. You'd hardly recognize the current version from the original one that we submitted.

I'm feeling so relaxed now. There's no deadline hanging over my head, no more experiments to run and re-run, no more arguing over phrasing of some sentence or spelling of some term, no more late nights in the office sitting among the softly humming bank of computers... that is, until the next deadline.

Oh, what's the paper about, you ask? The title is "Optimizing the Migration of Virtual Computers" and it's more or less about how you can efficiently take the computer you use and move it across a network so that you can use it somewhere else instead, without having to actually take any hardware with you.

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