Here's a small selection of what I've written, both recent and older works, in reverse chronological order. Documentation for software that I've written is not listed here; rather, that is included along with the software itself.

Many of the articles below were written for and presented at meetings of the Greater Lansing Linux Users Group (GLLUG).

SPSS Data File Cryptographic Flaws

Problems with SPSS data file encryption.

Gerrit Considered Harmful

Problems with Gerrit.

C Frequent Answers

Answers to questions that often come up in comp.lang.c but the C FAQ does not address.

Debian GNU/Linux Quick Reference

This text file contains a list of some useful commands under Debian GNU/Linux, along with brief explanations and pointers to further documentation.

Personal Coding Standards

These are the coding standards that I use for writing programs for myself, the GNU Project, and others. Read them in HTML, DVI, PDF, Texinfo, or plain text format. These standards are an extension to the GNU Coding Standards not meant to stand on their own. I do not claim that they are the best possible, but they work for me. Your feedback, positive or negative, is welcome.

A Quick Introduction to LaTeX

A brief LaTeX tutorial. Read it in DVI, PDF, or LaTeX format.

With the DVI or LaTeX files you'll want the spiral graphic in PostScript format, spiral.eps. In any case you might want the example LaTeX file, sample1.tex.

IPv4 Masquerading for the Hypothetical Geek

A tutorial on setting IP masquerading and ancillary features. Read it in DVI, PDF, or LaTeX format. If you get the DVI or LaTeX version then you'll also want the network diagram in PostScript format, network.ps.

Word Processing in the GNU/Linux Environment: Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous article. Read it in DVI, PDF, or LaTeX format.

Word Processing in the GNU/Linux Environment: Part 1

Read it in DVI, PDF, or LaTeX format.

Shell programming tutorial

Available in DVI, PDF, or LaTeX format.

Open source software is better for society than proprietary closed source software

I wrote this paper between March and October 1998 for an independent study class in anthropology. You might find it interesting if you're into that sort of thing.

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