Wrote driver for docking station speakers

Mon May 14th, 2001 01:23:51 PM EST

Diary Entry 13
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I bought a docking station for my laptop, and Linux didn't support everything on the dock. In particular the speakers on the docking station weren't supported. So I wrote up some patches to add support for them, and for the little volume-control and mute buttons on the side of the dock.


I submitted the patched driver to the linux-kernel mailing list yesterday, along with some questions asking for advice. So far, there has been not one response to my patch. The silence is resounding. This is the same response I got when I asked on the alsa-devel list whether anyone was writing a driver for this docking chip (ES978).

Conclusion: no one else has a docking station with this chip, or maybe just no one gives a damn. Anyway, it works for me.

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