Busy School Days

Mon Oct 13th, 2003 22:54:00 PDT

Diary Entry 139
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School's started again, so I'm busy as usual. I seem to jump from one busy time to another, but that's the way it goes.

I'm now working part-time, one day a week, at VMware. This is supposedly allowed under CS department rules, but my advisor has an issue with conflict of interest rules, since he started VMware. Thus, it may or may not work out long term, but we've already been there a couple of weeks now while everything is being worked out. The other issue is that it might take too much time away from Ph.D. work; we'll see.

Oct. 1 was my birthday. I turned 25. My mother sent me a breadmaker (actually it arrived in mid-September), which we've enjoyed a lot so far. Kate gave me a new cycling jersey with a bright and cheery design on it, and we went out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant downtown.

I've had three encounters with stupid or malicious drivers while I've been on my bicycle in the past week. Each time, I've been biking along Bryant Street in Palo Alto, which is a designated and marked ``Bicycle Boulevard.'' Each time, I've crossed an intersection where I don't have a stop sign and the crossing traffic does, and a car (usually an SUV) has run the stop sign and crossed in front of me forcing me to slow down or swerve out of the way. Where's a cop when I need one? These idiots should have their licenses revoked.

Kate's leaving for a conference in North Carolina on Thursday and getting back Monday. I'm leaving for SOSP'03 this Sunday, getting back on Wednesday. Kate's so worried about the cat being lonely that we're actually hiring someone to come by on Sunday and Monday to play with her.

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