More ignorance about C

Fri Jun 22nd, 2001 09:00:59 PM EST

Diary Entry 20
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So there's another article about C here on k5, and it shows the usual level of ignorance.

I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. Most people aren't regulars on comp.lang.c, haven't read either the 1989 or 1999 C standard, and haven't read the C FAQ.

But I am surprised that some of these people feel qualified to write articles about C. Where are they coming from on that? I don't get it. sigh

My own qualifications: I've been a regular on comp.lang.c for several years. I own copies of and have read, over and over, both C89 and C99. I contributed a chapter to a book on C (C Unleashed, MacMillan Computer Publishing, 2000). I'm working on a book of my own. And I've written (and maintain) a lot of software in C, from small to big, from strictly compliant to Linux kernel drivers. So I'm not just bullshitting anything here.

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