Vacation by Lake Huron

Mon Jul 9th, 2001 02:47:18 PM EST

Diary Entry 23
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I've been away since last Tuesday on Lake Huron.

I went with my friend Tim and his family to his grandmother's house on Lake Huron (Michigan, USA). We spent the week boating, jet-skiing, swimming, and doing other things by the water.

Jet-skiing is great. If you've never done it before, you can kind of think of it as an opportunity to do things that you might think about trying on a bicycle but would never actually do because they're too suicidally stupid. On a jet ski there is basically no way to hurt yourself unless you actually drive it into a boat or fixed object. You can whip the steering from center to 90 degrees left to 90 degrees right in a few seconds and you might fly off and land in the water and have to swim back, but nothing actually bad will happen. The coolest things you can do seem to involve whipping around the jet ski so fast that you end up fighting against your own wake.

The most "exciting" (= scary) thing that happened during this trip was when Tim and I were on the jet ski (a Yamaha Waverunner III) and drove right into a sand bar at 35 miles/h. He slammed right up against the handlebars and I slammed right up against him. Fortunately we were just a bit stunned (and him a bit bruised). He told me that he'd thought it was narrow enough that we could just skid over it. Wrong!

Tim's grandmother's house is near the little town of Caseville. Despite its small size, it has not one but two used bookstores. I bought three or four books.

Tim's family has a nearly year-old black lab puppy named Mandy. I'd forgotten how much fun dogs are. When Tim left on Friday to go pick up his girlfriend back home I took Mandy for a swim. She had a great time fetching frisbees and tennis balls in the water.

Tim's girlfriend was the real downside of the weekend. She didn't want to do anything and was a real pain in the ass much of the time. I think that this was probably the first phase of a breakup. I hope so, if she's going to keep acting the same way. If she'd be a little less self-centered then I wouldn't care one way or the other.

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