Today's Seinfeld Moment

Thu Aug 30th, 2001 12:44:56 AM EST

Diary Entry 36
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Remember how the plot of Seinfeld always revolved around petty, nonsensical issues? I had a Seinfeld kind of moment today.

I went into the bathroom in the MSU library today and started using the nearest of a line of eight or so urinals. And then another guy came in, and he started using another urinal—the one right next to mine.

Wouldn't urinal etiquette demand that he choose a different one? He had six other choices that were farther away. It bothered me a little. It's sort of like when you go into a movie theater. If there's half a dozen open seats next to someone you don't know, you sit so that there's at least a one-seat gap between you and him (or her).

Well, that's all there is to say here... I told you it was petty.

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