I'm going to the Netherlands!

Tue Apr 3rd, 2001 09:29:42 PM EST

Diary Entry 4
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I'm going to the Netherlands this summer, and I'm getting paid for it.

I live in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. I'm graduating from Michigan State University in electrical engineering in May and going to Stanford to start in on a PhD in computer science in September. And I just found out that funding has been approved to send me to the Netherlands for the summer.

In the Netherlands I'm going to work at the Telematics Institute in conjunction with some work that I've done already building TeamSCOPE. I'm going to help them integrate TeamSCOPE into GigaCSCW, a system that they've built. And it's all going to be free software!

Things are turning out well. I'm happy, temporarily at least.

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