High school classmate sighting

Thu Sep 6th, 2001 10:39:50 PM EST

Diary Entry 40
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I was reading one of the lead articles on the front page of the Lansing State Journal (the Lansing, Mich. newspaper) this morning and noticed a mention of one of my high school classmates. Not a nice one, though.

Seems that Lucas Z. was working at a local video store when it was robbed. He chased off after the fleeing robber and demanded that he stop, and when he didn't, hit him a couple of times with a baseball bat. The robber later died of his injuries in the hospital.

The local prosecutor was quoted in the article as saying that what Lucas did (using ``reasonable force'' to stop a fleeing felon) was legal, and that he wouldn't be charged with anything. He did add that he ``didn't encourage'' other people to do the same thing, though.

There was a guy with the same name as Lucas Z. in my high school class, and it's not a common name, so I'm assuming it's the same guy. The newspaper also said he was 22, which is in the right range, too.

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