There's a picture of me on Wil Wheaton's webpage

Tue Oct 30th, 2001 02:20:43 PM EST

Diary Entry 56
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Go to and scroll down to where it says I AM 33% GEEK. Right below that, there is a picture of me, taken from my webpage. What the fsck?!

So I clicked through to the geek test webpage that the picture links to. As it turns out, I have somehow become their poster boy for ``geeks with social skills''—if you get a moderate score then you get a picture of me.

This is too bizarre to believe. Copyright issues aside, why the hell would anyone pick me out of thousands or millions of geeks as being particularly well socialized? I'm not, actually—I haven't had a girlfriend since high school, and I'm in grad school now.

Wait a second... I wonder if I'm listed in some search engine? I can see someone thinking ``geek'' and ``prom'' would be good search words for finding socialized geeks, and that picture was from the 2001 MSU Honors College Ball, also known as ``geek prom.'' A quick Google on ``geek prom'' and, whaddaya know, the page on my website with that picture is the very first hit. Paranoia now waning...

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