Last Day of Comps

Sat Nov 10th, 2001 04:02:19 AM EST

Diary Entry 60
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Today was the last day of the comprehensive exams for us computer science Ph.D. students today. To celebrate, a group of about a dozen of us went out. First we went to a pizza restaurant in San Jose. I don't know why we drove 20 minutes to San Jose to eat pizza. After all, Palo Alto is a college town with probably a dozen pizza restaurants, but anyway that's what we did. After that we went to a bar and drank for a few hours.

Then we decided that we wanted to crash an undergrad party. We drove back to campus and parked on the outskirts. By this time, it was down to four of us guys plus Nina and a friend of hers from San Francisco. We walked through the grad residences at Rains first and there weren't any parties, which wasn't too surprising. At that point Nina and her friend dropped away.

Then we went by the undergrad dorms and they were quiet, no apparent parties at all, which was surprising. We got to the end of Escondido Road, where most of the undergrad dorms are, and turned toward Tresidder, the student union building, which was also on the way to the fraternity row on Mayfield. We passed a well-dressed couple and I suddenly remembered the signs that had been out near Tresidder all week advertising the "sophomore formal" dance. Well at least that explained why there didn't seem to be any parties. We briefly considered crashing the formal but it didn't seem too realistic in t-shirts and shorts.

We managed to walk in a complete circle along the fraternity row and Campus Drive back to where we started without seeing any parties. So I left the group and went home. As I walked through Rains I passed Nina and her friend hanging out at a party that had somehow materialized in our wake. That's the way that things work for me I guess. Sheesh.

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