An Experiment

Sun Jan 27th, 2002 10:20:47 PM EST

Diary Entry 74
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Purpose: to determine the level of professionalism of Stanford University bike thieves.

I bought a bag today to attach to the handlebars of my bike. The idea is to put in it all of the stuff that I want to keep with my bike: headlight and tail light, extra batteries, tire pressure gauge, spare tube, tire irons, biking gloves, area map. That way I can't forgot to bring that stuff along and I'll never be lacking.

The problem is the likelihood that someone will steal my stuff. So for now, I've just got the cheap items above in it and I'm conducting an experiment: I've got the main compartment locked shut and the bag itself locked to the handlebars, both with crappy little luggage locks. I figure that if no one steals the bag or its contents in the next couple of weeks, I'm pretty safe, so I'll put the relatively expensive bits (the lights and the gloves) in it then.

I went for a pretty long (for me, at least) bike ride today. I decided to bike along Page Mill Rd on the recommendation of an acquaintance. I managed to miss it on the first pass along Park Ave, but found it coming back the other way. I took Page Mill south to Deer Creek, which I followed to Arastradero, went north across El Camino again, and took Wilkie west to Park south back to California west to Stanford south back home. Lots of fun. I actually wanted to stay out longer, but I didn't really want to be riding along Page Mill for very long in the dark. I think I'll try going back in the afternoon, instead of the early evening, sometime this week.

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