Wed Apr 10th, 2002 01:28:33 AM EST

Diary Entry 87
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So I was sitting in the Stanford Coffee House tonight, as I do at least two or three times a week. I was reading Lessig's The Future of Ideas and watching people. A few minutes after 9 pm I looked up from my book and this middle-aged guy started talking to me.

He said he was an out-of-work nonfiction writer, originally from Texas, recently from Seattle, before that Palo Alto, now back to gather material for a new book. We talked for almost 45 minutes about topics ranging all over.

Then the pitch came. This guy says he has no money and he's looking for someplace to stay tonight. He said that he's owed some money that he'll receive on the 20th and that he only has to survive until then. He had talked a good game, so I gave him what I had in my wallet ($8). That's the cost of a movie around here and I figure he was at least as interesting as most movies.

I wonder if I got snookered? I mean, I've been suckered by guys with stories like that before, but none of them talked to me for half an hour on varied topics before throwing out the pitch. Anyway, I can afford it even if it's throwing money away.

He claimed that he'll be in the same coffee house at least a few more times. Since I'm there at least three nights a week, or so, we'll see if I run into him again. I'm not going to give him any more money, though.


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