Alcoholic close calls

Mon Apr 23rd, 2001 02:31:10 PM EST

Diary Entry 9
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In which we are lucky that no one dies and no one ends up in jail.

This weekend was the big wrap-up of fencing for the year. On Friday was the men's dinner, prepared and served by the women's team (they lost a bet). Saturday was the alumni tournament, where the fencing alumni come back and we fence against them and try to get them to donate money to us, followed by a party thrown by the coach. And then Sunday night was the fencing banquet, where fencers and their SOs and parents come together for dinner and speeches and awards.

Saturday night was when all the craziness happened. The strange thing is that I didn't know about any of it until I was told later. At the party on Saturday night, we were all having fun in the usual way; i.e., the of-age crowd was drinking reasonably and the underage crowd somewhat less so. I left about 12:30 am, when things seemed to be cooling down. I got back home and discovered there was a party going on (all of-age) in my suitemate Mike's room, presumably because of his friend Sarah visiting that weekend. Sarah was acting a little funnier than usual (well, I'd only met her Friday, so not a lot to judge by) and it seemed a little excessive when she gulped down the last quarter of the bottle of port, but I hadn't seen what she'd had before that. About 1:30 or so, I went to bed.

Maybe 11:00 am or so the following morning, Jeremy (who'd been at Mike's party) came by and asked me if I'd slept well. I said yes, and he related what had happened soon after I'd left: Sarah passed out. Mike and Jeremy promptly dragged her to the nearest hospital, where they pumped a couple of bags of saline solution into her. Jeremy and Mike had had no sleep at all and had just got back here at 8:00 am or so.

What's more, Jeremy told me he'd heard from Jo Ann, who'd been at the fencing party later than I had. Apparently, soon after I left, there was a knock on the door from a hotel security guard. She said that she was responding to a noise complaint, and that a police officer was going to be sent up soon. So all of the underage fencers skedaddled out as fast as they could, and the party came to a quick conclusion.

Funny that I managed to miss by so little two such dramatic events. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...

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