Domain Names and Moving Violations

Sat Apr 27th, 2002 03:38:37 AM EST

Diary Entry 90
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I finally did it: I bought some domain names. I am now the proud owner of and Both of them are currently just set up to redirect web and mail traffic to my "real" site, but I'll probably do more with them later.

Speaking of traffic, I went grocery shopping tonight with my friend Tal. He owns a car so he drove. Most of the way back from Safeway, just after turning onto Serra St., we were pulled over. At first the reason was unclear, and then he realized that his lights hadn't been on the whole time. He got a ticket. He actually got off easy, seeing as he didn't have a current registration in the car and the car was uninsured.

As a followup on a previous note about a bag I have mounted on my bike handlebars: I walked out of the Stanford coffee house Thursday night and found that the bag had been mostly removed from the handlebars. Two of the three straps had been opened at the fastening and pulled off. The third, secured by a wimpy little luggage lock, was untouched. So I'm concluding that someone actually tried to steal it and was discouraged by the lock. That's a good thing: I keep a spare tube, tire pressure gauge, set of tire irons, and a mini-toolkit in there, and along with the bag itself it would all cost about $75 to replace. Looks like Stanford bike thieves are indeed not too dedicated; they're too lazy to break a tiny lock.

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