"Name Change"?

Sun Jun 2nd, 2002 03:09:41 AM EST

Diary Entry 94
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A few weeks back, I applied online for a particular credit card that offers a good cash-back deal. I got a bizarre letter regarding it today. I wish I had some idea what they were thinking. Details below.

Please provide the information requested below and return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope within 30 days.

Proof of name change. Please send a copy of your marriage certificate, court decree, or divorce decree.

Note: A driver's license or social security card is not acceptable identification. Please do not send original documents as we are unable to return them.

Unfortunately, the name at the top of the letter is my own. It also happens to coincide with the name on my birth certificate. I've never had any other name, in fact.

Any clue what these folks are smoking? I suspect that this'll turn out to be some colossal boondoggle on the part of some credit agency, or the fault of some loser who thinks that "Benjamin" and "Ben" are different names.

I guess I'll call their toll-free number on Monday.

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