fmtools - programs for Video for Linux radio cards

fmtools is a pair of simple command-line utilities for “video4linux2” radio tuner cards under Linux. It includes fm for power control, tuning, and volume and fmscan for scanning for stations. They are quite simple and only implement the basic functions needed to control your devices. Other programs exist with much nicer interfaces. If you want simplicity, this is where to look.

fm handles basic on/off, tuning, and volume changes for v4l radio cards. There is also a quiet mode to allow it to run inside IRC scripts and other programs without disrupting the display.

fmscan by default scans from 87.9 to 107.9 MHz in 0.2 MHz increments, looking for stations that have an average signal strength of 50% or greater.

These programs are supposed to provide a simple and consistent interface to the v4l radio cards. All of the code is covered under the GNU GPL v2, so you can use it as a base in other GPL projects.

fmtools and most of the text of this webpage is currently maintained by Ben Pfaff. fmtools was originally written by Russell Kroll.

Source repository

You may clone the fmtools Git repository from git:// Gitweb access is available at:

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