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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2000

In the 2000 Renaissance Festival I went in at the start not being too enthusiastic, but after the first few days I was really excited. In the end I attended 13 out of the 15 days. Here are a few good shots from the 2000 run.

This is the costume I wore for the first few weeks at RenFest. The hat and the pants are my own, the rest of the costume is borrowed from Dale Walter, MSU assistant fencing coach and longtime RenFest cast member. Later, I bought my own costume, which you can see in pictures from the 2001 run.

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Same costume, another pose.

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A fight from the Pirate Action Magic Danger Show, a spectacular show filled with stunts. This show was the most amazing of several put on at the 2000 Michigan Renaissance Festival by Ring of Steel, the group that arranged for MSU Fencing to perform at RenFest.

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Joe Tantalo, a 1999 Michigan State fencing alumnus, and Jo Ann, a 2001 alumna, during a bout during a fencing demonstration at Treetops Stage.

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Pam, a Ring of Steel member, crosses swords with Chris Barbeau, stage combat maestro and head of Ring of Steel.

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