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My friends at Michigan Renaissance Festival 2001

This page is dedicated to all of my friends at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I didn't manage to get photographs of all of you, but I do want to say, ``Thanks for everything!'' to everyone. I can't make it to the last two weekends this year, but I promise I'm going to be back again sometime.

Dale, who plays the Sheriff of Nottingham in the morning and Captain of the Queen's Guard during the afternoon. Dale is also the fight director and fencing coach at Michigan State University.

[ 446x380 (23 kB) ]

Ale(jandra), Dale's girlfriend, a member of Robin Hood's band and the fight team under the name Elaine.

[ 530x436 (28 kB) ]

Doug McLaren, coach at Schoolcraft Fencing Club and Michigan State alumnus, in his cool-looking costume borrowed from Dale. He's going to buy the doublet and get an actual McLaren kilt.

[ 266x541 (23 kB) ]

Doug again. I had to include this one because of the awful things that the camera processing did to his face in the last shot.

[ 308x277 (10 kB) ]

Azalia, wearing her cat mask.

[ 336x724 (27 kB) ]

Using her mouth, Azalia pulls a ``honey stick'' from Tiffany's cleavage. A honey stick is a plastic straw filled with flavored honey and sealed at both ends. Azalia and Tiffany are just two of the RenFest cast members who enjoy teasing men this way.

[ 711x453 (33 kB) ]

Azalia receives a massage from friends in the pub after-hours.

[ 596x386 (18 kB) ]

Dan, Tiffany, and Azalia. Tiffany is Dan's girlfriend.

[ 392x254 (11 kB) ]

Dan as bunny fencing adjudicator, wearing lots of balloons for advertising value.

[ 280x389 (15 kB) ]

Eric, the Ring of Steel member in charge of bunny fencing at RenFest, poses in his Sir Francis Drake costume, holding Dale's flogger in his teeth.

[ 463x304 (16 kB) ]

Dr. Todd, who plays Robin Hood. This picture is really bad but I didn't have any good ones and couldn't bear to leave him out.

[ 153x180 (3 kB) ]

Tom, a Ring of Steel member who helped with bunny fencing.

[ 263x311 (9 kB) ]

Caroline as Queen Elizabeth at morning meeting.

[ 365x505 (19 kB) ]

Tiffany, who helped with bunny fencing.

[ 344x316 (10 kB) ]

Audrey, a friend of mine from Michigan State, who took care of one of the royal courtier's baby during the day on alternate weekends.

[ 154x386 (9 kB) ]

Audrey with her charge.

[ 495x400 (20 kB) ]

Leslie, a Michigan State sabre fencer, at the festival.

[ 280x363 (12 kB) ]

Morgan, a friend of Ring of Steel.

[ 361x318 (15 kB) ]

Mallo, the Knights of Iron mascot.

[ 368x393 (17 kB) ]

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