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Sights to see at Michigan Renaissance Festival 2001

If you've never been to a Renaissance festival before, then these photos may help you to see what it's all about. They focus on bunny fencing, since that's what I was partially in charge of, but there are also shots of other things. Plus, as a special bonus, I've also included exclusive behind-the-scenes footage!

These photos are in more-or-less chronological order.

The parking lot near Treetops Stage. In the back on the right notice Dale's trailer, used by many people for many purposes.

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Backstage, Caroline (Queen Elizabeth) and one of her ladies in waiting (``ladies in waiting and training, oh my!'') walks along the perimeter of the festival area, toward the site of the morning meeting.

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Caroline continues along her route toward morning meeting before opening, now along the row of shops on the east edge of the grounds.

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The north bunny fencing booth before setup or festival opening. This booth is not covered by a tent, so the full force of the sun beats down on it all day and makes it the less desirable posting. Rain also forces its closure. It is, however, next to Treetops Stage, used for fencing demonstrations.

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The south bunny fencing booth before setup or opening. It is covered by a tent, making it more pleasant under sun or rain.

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The Guinness Pub, a popular meeting place for cast and patrons alike, before opening. The pub closes to patrons at 7:00 p.m. each night, and then reopens for cast members at 7:15 p.m., or as soon as patrons can be cleared out.

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The dragon swings.

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Dan conducts a bunny fencing bout covered in pink balloons. He wore even more balloons than these on his body during the afternoon parade, attracting attention to the bunny fencing booth.

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The Guinness Pub during the daytime.

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The south booth during the daytime.

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The field used for the joust, taken during the daytime but not during a joust.

[ 714x295 (38 kB) ]

One of the pickle vendors in the daytime crowd. This vendor in particular was fun to interact with.

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A view of the crowd looking north from the intersection by the Guinness Pub.

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The Treetops Stage, where fencing demonstrations and the Rogue and Rapier show took place. From left: Dave and Aaron (Rogue and Rapier performers), Arielle and Eric (MSU Fencing Club members), and Doug McLaren (Schoolcraft Fencing Club coach).

[ 557x405 (33 kB) ]

The best of a set of mostly failed photographic experiments, attempting to capture the rays of the low sun filtered through the trees.

[ 627x414 (31 kB) ]

The castle near the pub. Azalia is walking away; Dan is facing the camera and holding a staff.

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