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Michigan Renaissance Festival 2002

I live in California now, but I was able to visit the RenFest for one day anyhow along with my friend Michelle. Here are the pictures.

Jeff has always wanted to play the part of the pirate captain. This year, as King of the Pirates, he got his wish. His crew represent the seven deadly deadly sins; here, we see him along with Lust.

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Dale plays Porthos of the Three Musketeers.

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Queen Elizabeth (Caroline) captured by the pirates.

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Doug plays Athos of the Three Musketeers.

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The pirate captain (Jeff) sneers in defiance of the musketeers' threats.

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King Henry of France rewards D'Artagnan (Ryan) with commission as a Musketeer for saving Queen Elizabeth (Caroline) from the pirates.

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Now that he is a musketeer and can afford to support a wife, D'Artagnan (Ryan) proposes to Constance (Ale).

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I pose with musketeers Aramis (Cal), Athos (Doug), and D'Artagnan (Ryan).

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Michelle, me, Azalia, and Ashley.

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Michelle and I try on wings.

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