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Diary Entry 125
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FedEx Corp. Revenue Services
P.O. Box 727, Dept. 4741
Memphis, TN 38194-4741

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to comment on the extremely distressing treatment I have received from your billing department...

...In or around Sept. 2002, I opened a personal FedEx account to arrange to have one package delivered to my office. I used the account just that once. Billing and delivery for that package was satisfactory.

The problems started in November. On Nov. 14, I was billed $45.32 for a shipment that was unconnected to me. In particular, I was not the shipper or the recipient and my FedEx account number and credit card number were not listed on the package. In fact, I spoke to the sender and there was a completely different credit card number on the package. The only way I was related to the sender was that I work in the same building.

This, in itself, is just a mistake. We spoke to the FedEx billing department and I was assured that it would be remedied and that both of us would receive confirmatory phone calls afterward. However, three weeks later, no credit had appeared on my credit card statement, no charge had appeared on the sender's account, and neither of us had received a call. We again contacted the billing department and were again assured that they would take care of it. Indeed, my account was credited on Jan. 18.

In the meantime, a second charge for a second shipment, this one on Dec. 12, for $212.44, had appeared on my credit card. A common thread appeared: it again had no connection to me except the building. Fortunately, this one was also credited on Jan. 18.

But now a new problem has appeared. In particular, I was on Jan. 20 yet again billed $45.32 for shipment. Yes, a mere two days after the initial credit, I was charged for a shipment I had not made. Moreover, this happened after I closed my FedEx account (on Jan. 18).

I am shocked that you treat your customers in such a manner. This is nothing short of disgusting, and barely short of fraud. Here is what I want from you:

  1. A credit to my credit card account for $45.32, plus $4.42 for postage on this certified letter with return receipt.
  2. Assurance that FedEx will not charge my account, for $45.32 or $212.44 or whatever amount, again.
  3. An explanation of how FedEx manages to charge incorrect, arbitrary accounts for service, especially when correct billing information is given on the waybill.
  4. An apology.

Until then, rest assured that I will discourage every individual and business I can from doing business with FedEx. You may contact me at my address given at the top of this letter, or by phone at [elided].


Ben Pfaff

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