Arrival and Departure

Mon Mar 3rd, 2003 01:36:38 AM EST

Diary Entry 126
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In which my family arrives in San Francisco and Kate flies back to Wisconsin.

My family decided to take a vacation in San Francisco over my sister's spring break. They arrived yesterday morning around 11:30 and made it to their hostel in the city by early afternoon. Kate and I joined them some time afterward. It was the first time she'd met them. I think it went well.

We went to lunch at a Chinese restaurant near the hostel. Kate and I had had Chinese the night before at Brett's birthday party, but we had some good food anyhow. Betsy ordered squid, but she actually received chicken. After she pointed out the error, she got her order, and later the restaurant brought out a plate of fried banana for us, which was very tasty.

We took a bus down to Golden Gate Park and wandered around there. Pictures are here and here. We enjoyed the Japanese tea garden especially.

When we left the park, it was almost time for Kate and me to head out. (The last bus out of San Francisco on weekends leaves at 8 pm. Ridiculous.) We stopped briefly by a diner for dessert, and then we split.

Kate had kind of a rough day: she got a call in the morning from home saying that her mom was sick. She wasn't even sure at first whether she was going to go into the city with me. After we got back home, she checked online for cheap flights. She found a $300 or so rate to Wisconsin and decided to take it.

She's getting back on Thursday at 7:30. Coincidentally, that's when the San Jose Sharks vs. Montréal Canadiens game that we're going to starts. Fortunately, the airport is also in San Jose, so she might not miss much of it, with luck.

It sounds like her mom's going to be fine, by the way.

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