The Paper is In

Wed Mar 26th, 2003 01:42:10 AM EST

Diary Entry 129
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In which we submit our paper to SOSP'03, I accept a summer internship at VMware, Kate flies home for spring break, and I lose my phone and get it back.

Last night my research group submitted our paper to SOSP'03. What kind of horrible trick is it, by the way, to have a conference deadline on a Monday? If it was on a Friday then we'd get the whole weekend afterward, but after Monday comes Tuesday... At least the deadline was 9:00 p.m. local time, instead of the more usual midnight, so we were able to go out to dinner afterward.

I hope this paper gets in. The last two papers I've submitted to conferences have been rejected. It gets discouraging after a while.

I also went out to VMware yesterday for an interview. Last week I'd pretty much decided that I was going to go with Google for the summer instead, to the point that I wasn't even going to interview at VMware. But my officemate Tal pressured me into checking them out. It turned out to be very exciting, and most importantly it would allow me to keep some continuity in my research over the summer. So in the end I decided to go with VMware, and I accepted their offer today. (They also offered a little more money than Google, but that wasn't a real factor because I'm sure Google would have matched it if I had asked.)

I lost my phone on Friday night. I had it when I was at the office, and then when I got home it was gone. I biked back along the complete route I had taken and couldn't find it. Then I went to find Kate and we walked along the complete route, calling it every so far to see if we could hear it, and still couldn't find it. I went to sleep pretty worried.

I woke up in the morning to a knock on the door. I got up blearily and answered. It was a Stanford policeman, and he had my phone. I thanked him and took it. Kudos to Tim Schreiner of the Stanford police.

Kate left for Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon for spring break. She gets back this weekend. Now that the paper is in, I have time to miss her.

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