Google, IPsec, HotOS

Sat Mar 15th, 2003 03:13:46 AM EST

Diary Entry 128
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In which my interview at Google goes well, I write an IPsec implementation, and lots of HotOS papers get accepted.

On Wednesday I interviewed at Google for a summer internship. Google is an Internet startup out of Stanford specializing in search services. Maybe you've heard of them? Here's their webpage. At any rate, the interview went very well and at the end my interviewer said that they'd be making me an offer. Awesome.

I'm also applying at VMware. That's the company my advisor founded, so I've got an inside track. We'll see.

I wrote an IPsec implementation today. It complies to RFCs 2405 and 2406, and possibly 2404 too, but I haven't read that one yet. Before today I wouldn't have believed how simple the protocol actually is. It's just about child's play. The complicated parts are all in key exchange I guess—fortunately my application already has a satisfactory solution for key exchange, so I didn't have to deal with IKE.

The two groups I work with heard back on their HotOS '03 submissions today. Costa's paper got into the proceedings, and Tal's got into the proceedings and scheduled for presentation too. I hear that Armando's group also got some papers in there. With luck, maybe I can get one group or another to send me to the conference—it's in Hawaii!

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