New server

Fri Jun 15th, 2001 05:43:19 PM EST

Diary Entry 17
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We finally got a new server for It's been running on a P2/266 for three years now, a crappy generic former desktop box. But on Wednesday our new box arrived, and it's a real server (you can tell because the case is black instead of beige).

No, it's actually a nice machine. I found it hard to believe at first that we could get a 933 MHz P3 server box with 160 MB/s SCSI from Dell for only about USD 900. But computers are really cheap right now anyway.

This new box is the reason I'm still here at work at almost 6:00pm on a Friday when I'm sick and had intended to work only until 4:00pm or so. Oh well, I guess this means I can work less next week.

Lest you think I'm just wasting time by posting to k5 while I could be getting work done, I'll explain that I'm currently waiting while 1.3 GB of home directories copy between the old and new machines.

I've got to get this thing up and running at least for email by the time I leave, because I queue up all of my personal email up on it and I couldn't have that b0rken all weekend. That just wouldn't do. I hope nothing goes terribly wrong.

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