Dok Sing

Tue Jun 19th, 2001 10:27:09 PM EST

Diary Entry 18
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Rediscovering a beloved restaurant is like a family reunion—the nice kind.

For a couple of years my friends and I had been regular customers at Bangkok House, a good but inexpensive Thai restaurant in Lansing (Michigan, USA). We knew all of the staff. They didn't even bother to bring us menus anymore.

But a couple of months ago we noticed that none of the usual staff seemed to be there anymore. We were puzzled, but continued to go to eat there sometimes because it was still the best Thai restaurant we could find. The quality of the food did decline a little bit.

And then just yesterday I found out (on the Greater Lansing Linux Users Group mailing list of all places) the reason for the change. As it turns out, Bangkok House was bought out by new management—and all of their staff had gone over to Dok Sing, another restaurant in Lansing!

So today my group of friends went out to Dok Sing. It was like a family reunion. All the staff said hi ("I know you, and you, and you, ...") and they gave us free drinks (although Dok Sing doesn't have liquor, *boo hoo*) and a discount on our dinner. And Joel was even there, and he lives in Massachusetts now. A happy time was had by all!

In other news, I decided not to buy a car at all, and I'll probably fly to California in fall (instead of driving, since I'm not buying a car).

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