Mon Jul 23rd, 2001 05:01:52 PM EST

Diary Entry 26
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Went to see A.I. last night.

It's an okay movie, nothing great though. It's almost like it's three separate movies, each of them done in a different style. The first part, with a few changes, could have been something out of an Asimov robot novel (or short story). The second part is a sudden shift to a more Gibsonian universe, as the robochild goes out into the world. And the third part is just something else entirely, takes place 2000 years after the other two parts, and could well have been left off and made it a better movie.

If David can't eat spinach without damage, then how can he survive underwater without problems?

Sarah, the new studio art grad student from Utah, showed me her studio afterward and then we went back to her co-op and watched American Pie. Of course I'd seen this a half-a-dozen times but it was new to her. Not a great movie either but parts take place at Michigan State University (or are supposed to; in fact they didn't bother to even learn the names of any buildings on campus, and MSU doesn't even have a lacrosse team, for instance) and there are lots of parts of it that get referenced pretty often at least in my own little group of friends ("Say my name, bitch!" "They probably have special dorms for people like us." etc.).

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