Traffic accidents are always scary

Thu Jul 26th, 2001 04:39:48 PM EST

Diary Entry 27
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even when I'm not directly involved.

There's construction on a local road here, which means that traffic gets diverted through a normally quiet and relatively unused road. This has increased the number of cars going through one of the intersections on this road probably about tenfold.

Today I was waiting in the eastbound left turn lane at this intersection. I was pretty bored, just killing time, waiting behind a line of half a dozen cars.

Then I heard a screech of tires, drawing my attention suddenly to the middle of the intersection. A northbound Michigan State University van barrels into the intersection and strikes a southbound Toyota Corolla attempting to turn left. The entire passenger-side half of the Corolla's hood is instantly reduced to rubble.

I looked up at the light. It was green, from my point of view. Clearly both cars had been trying to squeeze through at the end of the yellow.

Both of the drivers got out and started a discussion. There were no passengers. Since there didn't seem to be anything I could do to help, I squeezed through the small gap between the now-defunct Corolla and the car behind it in the southbound left turn lane and continued on my way, but I felt shaken the whole way home.

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