Thu Dec 6th, 2001 21:16:29 PST

Diary Entry 64
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I went to buy groceries today. I wanted some apples, so I went to the produce department. There were a few different varieties in the display—green, light red, dark red, golden—so I looked at them for a few seconds to figure out what kind I wanted.

Then the guy restocking them started talking to me. "Like our apples? We have 15 different kinds. Sweet ones, tart ones, firm, mushy, you name it. What kind are you looking for?"

"Um... What kind are these?", pointing at some dark red apples.

"Those are total mush."

"Oh." After thinking for a moment, I continued, "How about firm apples?"

"Sweet or tart?"


"Well, we've got these Fujis and these ones, the Japanese call them Mushu but we call them Crispin here. Here, try them," and he grabbed one of each and a knife and handed me a slice of each.

I crunched on each of them. They were both good. "Mmm... I think I'll buy some of each. Thanks!"

In all, it was an ingratiating but weird experience. I don't really expect supermarkets to have apple advisors. Now, wine or cheese or meat, I can understand. But apples...?

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