A Good Day

Tue Jan 15th, 2002 02:04:39 AM EST

Diary Entry 71
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A couple of good things happened today. It's looking up.

First, I was assigned some interesting tasks this week in my research group's meeting today. Up to this point, I haven't had much well-defined work to do, so it's good to have a to-do list. In the past I've found that I'm happiest when I'm busy. Not too busy or under heavy pressure, you understand, but with plenty to do. I always have personal programming projects, but that's not what I'm here at Stanford to work on, so I've been feeling guilty about working on them all the time.

Second, I went to my first taekwondo class tonight. This makes me happy because it means that I've got some structured exercise again. Fencing is fun, of course, but it's not well-structured here in the Stanford club. You just show up and fence and try to figure out what you're doing wrong yourself. Now I've got something athletic to do Monday through Thursday, at least if I stick with the taekwondo, but I hope I do. Also, as it turns out, one of my fellow computer science students is a taekwondo black belt in the club. I might have known that before, but I'd forgotten it.

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