Departure and Arrival

Mon Mar 10th, 2003 02:58:52 AM EST

Diary Entry 127
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In which my family flies back to Michigan and Kate returns from Wisconsin.

I saw my family again on Tuesday. They came out to Palo Alto by train and then to Stanford on the shuttle. I met them outside Tresidder Union about 9:30 and we walked around campus for a couple of hours. We walked through the Quad and through the Gates Building, where we looked at the museum in each floor's lobby and peeked in at my office. They took photographs of Google's first server sitting in a display case in the basement. We walked through the Rodin sculpture garden, over to the Mausoleum, and finally to the Oval, where they met some old friends and drove off to Monterey to spend the day.

I caught up with them again at dinner time. We met at the Gordon Biersch brewery restaurant in downtown Palo Alto. They had apparently been eating all day, because I was the only one who actually had dinner, or even beer. They just ordered dessert. After dinner they were very concerned about making the earliest possible train back to San Francisco, so we walked down to the train station to check the schedule. It turned out they had a few minutes, so we walked around downtown Palo Alto for a few minutes, and then they left.

On Thursday, Kate flew back from Wisconsin where she had been visiting her sick mom. (It sounds like she's doing a lot better now.) We had tickets for the Sharks vs. Canadiens game in San Jose, a Christmas gift from her parents. The game started at 7:30, just when her flight got in. Luckily, her flight came in at San Jose airport, and her roommate Lisa kindly picked her up from the airport and dropped her off at the arena. She got there a few minutes after the first period ended.

Last night a friend of Bernard's arrived from Philadelphia. Along with Joris's girlfriend Ann, we now have six people living (for a week or so) in this apartment meant for four. We are starting to bang elbows together a bit, and I'm starting to get a bit annoyed. I'm actually looking forward to going into the office tomorrow to get away from everyone.

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